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YUKAN C.H.A.N.G.E. program


The ultimate strategy for a fulfilled and stress-free life!

This is a 6-weeks online group program that is designed to radically transform your life!

You are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, you have no time for yourself?

You are facing conflicts, not knowing how to resolve them?

You are feeling lost, or going through a period of change, not knowing how to manage it?


If you recognize yourself in these few lines, this program is for you!


  • 6 LIVE webinars (once a week) of one hour, which will also be recorded

  • Actions to be taken each week, you will be supported by a buddy

  • A closed and exclusive support Facebook group for the members of the program: each will be free to ask questions, interact and share at any


Next course will be starting in September, dates are TBC.

This is a unique opportunity to transform your life and make long term changes in your life!

Are you ready to transform your life, create new habits and finally live a fulfilled, happy and stress-free life?

Limited seats!

Book your place now!

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