YUKAN spread
               your wings  !

Who are you ?

You are an independent, dynamic woman and you make the most of life !

You are stimulated by change: self-awareness and developing your spirituality bring you great joy, however, you are experiencing challenges in developing your life projects.

Achieving this full fulfillment brings you excitement, however, you are facing fears that stop you from developing your spiritual journey.

I help independent and daring women to free themselves from limiting beliefs and raise their consciousness to take full responsibility for their choices and create a life aligned with their soul’s purpose.
Stressed Woman

Your challenges :

You have many goals, but you do not know where to start, or how to achieve them,

You feel overwhelmed, you feel the need to set up a routine and anchor yourself,

You feel a lack of fulfillment in your personal life and you have to change your habits !

You have trouble detaching yourself from your family model, for fear of being rejected,

​You have trouble fully assuming your spirituality and you have trouble spreading your wings !

Your needs :

Fully assume who you really are: this spiritual woman, in search of meaning, and finally make peace with your family patterns, your inner barriers, and your limiting beliefs,

Expand your level of consciousness and develop your spirituality so that you can use it, every day, to create your ideal life, aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Create a clear and detailed action plan to finally accomplish your life projects,

To feel confident, fulfilled, free and successful!

Image by Joshua Rawson-Harris

My programs main objectives :

  1. Define a general overview in all areas of your life and set up goals aligned with your soul’s purpose,

  2. Deconstruct your old patterns and anchor new positive beliefs,

  3. Free yourself from family patterns and reconnect with your inner child,

  4. Develop powerful daily rituals to develop your inner peace, intuition and spirituality.

  5. Note: each program is unique and 100% tailor-made, adapted to the needs of each client.

How it will work:

10 sessions over a 5 months period (online, on Zoom):

  • 1 "Kick-off" session: (we frame the coaching, the way we will work together, our mutual involvement and we go through the goal setting journey).

  • 8 coaching (1h) / healing sessions (1h30): the split of the type of sessions will be adapted your personal needs.

  • 1 "Review" session:  Retrospective on the coaching journey and setting you up for the next few months.

  • Exclusive access to an accountability group on FB (share and ask your questions at any time)

  • Unlimited support via Whatsapp or email.