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Am I truly happy?

I have asked myself this question many time over the past few years…

After 18 years of living in London, I couldn’t say that I was unhappy - how could I? I had everything I always wished for. I dreamt of independence from a very young age and at 22 I left behind the Normandy countryside to set off for London. The entire world suddenly opened right in front of my eyes and we could say that “I made it”. I created a strong social network; I built a successful career in the retail industry where I worked as a project manager. I lived in a great flat in central London, without forgetting the joy of waking up every day in such an exciting city, that I still love to this date…

Realistically, what more could I ever want?

However, deep inside, I felt “stuck”, stuck in my life, stuck in my routine and I was feeling more and more empty. I had no real motivation, I felt uninspired at work and life was beginning to feel as if it had no real meaning.

Something was missing but what?


As time went by, I wasn’t aware of the amount of stress and fatigue I was accumulating because as far as I was concerned, I was fine.

I thought I was quite good at convincing myself of just how fine I was.  My body however, thought otherwise. It was in February 2015, on yet another business flight to Asia, that my body shut down. I fainted from exhaustion in the middle of the aisle. As I lay there, not knowing what had happened to me, I realised that this was my “wake up” call. After years of my body screaming at me for a rest (I was suffering from chronic insomnia) I realised that ignoring it was no longer an option.  It was time to re-evaluate my life and to start focussing on what was now essential to me.

This is when I came across Vedic meditation. As soon as I started meditating, my insomnia totally vanished along with the food intolerances I had recently developed. I was stunned! Just like magic, (but I know now that it was everything but magic)my life purpose began to unfold right in front of me. I didn’t come to this world to work on Logistics projects in a corporate environment - it became very clear that my real mission was to help other independent, successful women to live a happier, stress-free and more fulfilled life!

I was here to help YOU! To help you to “wake up” and reveal your true power!

I was here to share my own experience, to help you understand how important it is to listen to your body, your little voice and reconnect with your gut instinct. I want to help you, so that, just like me, you can blossom and turned into a fulfilled, happy and stress-free woman!

Have you ever felt stuck, in your career, in your relationship, in your family life?

Have you ever felt so stressed and exhausted that you wanted to stay in bed?

Have you ever felt like you wanted to do so much more but you were never able to start or complete your projects?

You will have guessed, that used to be me. And I am here to make you understand that you can overcome all of that, that everything can be changed! I created my own business as a life coach and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner and finally created myself a life where stress is no longer part of it. I wake up energised, happy and fulfilled, every single day.

For the last 3 years, I have had the honour to witness women become a brighter version of themselves. I saw them taking action, heal their pain and face their own fears to finally live a happy, fulfilled and stress-free life.

Achieving such results keeps bringing me joy every single day.

And you, are you truly happy?

Are you ready to change YOUR life?

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