March 4, 2019

Why does meditation need to be a non-negotiable task in our daily life?

If you choose to carry on as you do today-as in not meditating regularly - here is what might happen to you:

  • Your level of stress is likely to increase.

  • If your sleep is not great - or if you are suffering from insomnia- it is likely to get worse.

  • Your relationships might be affected because you are getting more and more irritable.

  • Your time is becoming more and more restricted and you will have less time to spend with your loved ones.

Now, read on, I have a little gift for you today! And, if you were to follow my little tip, here is what you might experience for yourself:

  • You will feel happier and healthier.

  • You will have a lot mo...

June 2, 2018

After years living in London, you no longer let the weather impact you.


Simply because the grey, low sky and rain are the norm. That’s why when the sunshine finally breaks through along with the blue sky and scorching temperatures, everyone feels absolutely amazing and happier! It’s like a rebirth after months of darkness!

This is very interesting because since I moved to the south of France in February, it has been raining…A LOT. However, this feels different, even when it rains (it is raining right now and it feels like thunderstorms are coming closer and closer), the sky remains quite high, the light is bright and you can always see a bit of blue sky every day. The rain doesn’t last long and a few hours later, we are back t...

February 18, 2018

Goodbye 2017, Au revoir, ciao, and see you never! I don’t know about you, but for me, what a year it’s been!

On December 31st, after a few glasses of champagne, we all say, "Oh I feel this year is going to be a good one" but for me, in this January 1st, 2017, I could already feel that that there will be small mountain to climb ... I was not mistaken (except perhaps on the size of the mountain!).

In February 17, I decided to have my own "Brexit" and to relocate to France after 18 years in London. So, I resigned from my position in March, determined to finally devote myself to my coaching business and I finally left London in July ... But it was in March that my health problems started in my lower back : first I had a lumbago, then...

October 24, 2017

“Manu you have to STOP!”.

I heard this so many times in my life…from my parents, from my friends, from my colleagues, from my physio-therapists…etc.

I’ve always been an “action” woman, I always enjoyed organising events, going out, practicing sport and building a successful career. Being active has always been part of me whereas contemplation, relaxation, meditation was, in my eyes, a total waste of time. Why would anyone sit there, doing nothing while there is so much to see, so much to do, so much to learn, so many interesting people to meet and cultures to discover?

More recently, I have experienced very painful back pain, which, ultimately, turned into 2 bulged discs, sciatica and scoliosis…not pretty. At this point I did stop:...

September 27, 2017

“Manu, are you up for a challenge?”

I look up at my friend Agnes. The little spark in her eyes, her mischievous smile and her playful tone tells me that she has got a plan:

“Come surfing with me this Easter”!

Instantly, I can feel a little twinkle in my stomach:  Nervousness, dread, excitement? I cannot say.

Her invitation takes me straight back to 2005, “come snowboarding with us, it will be fun” they all said: As it happened, I spent most of that week falling on my butt, feeling cold, fighting my tears while pretending to have a good time…

Today, life is different; I own my powerful secret tool box that will keep away the fear and the tears!




1- FOCUS: “If you chase two rabbits, both will e...

July 26, 2017

I have done it.

After 17 years in London, I quit my job, I left the city, the life and the people that I loved and I went back to France, my homeland.

It all started back in June 2015 when, at the age of 37, I decided to start my studies again and engaged in 2 diplomas: life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; I graduated from both subjects a year later.

In September 16, I officially launched my coaching company Yukan Ltd and decided to decrease my full-time job to 4 days a week (why on earth did I not do that WHILE I was studying?) This is the first take away from this article: If you ever decide to change career, start studying again or create your own business, do yourself a favour and create extra time because you will s...

February 23, 2017

Why we should ALL set goals for ourselves?

Firstly, setting goals will give you a lot of clarity, make you focus on things that you enjoy and greatly increase your level of motivation in the process.

Let’s assume that your dream is to write a book: You will start by writing small articles, researching topics that you enjoy debating about; slowly, you will be meeting with fellow writers and in the longer term, you might start networking with people in the publishing world. By focusing on a specific goal, you know where and how to spend your energy on, and your energy, motivation and level of happiness with increase like a rocket on its way to the moon!

Secondly, setting goals makes you accountable for your own success and ensure tha...

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