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Why do we set goals?

Why we should ALL set goals for ourselves?

Firstly, setting goals will give you a lot of clarity, make you focus on things that you enjoy and greatly increase your level of motivation in the process.

Let’s assume that your dream is to write a book: You will start by writing small articles, researching topics that you enjoy debating about; slowly, you will be meeting with fellow writers and in the longer term, you might start networking with people in the publishing world. By focusing on a specific goal, you know where and how to spend your energy on, and your energy, motivation and level of happiness with increase like a rocket on its way to the moon!

Secondly, setting goals makes you accountable for your own success and ensure that you get the best out of your life! You want a happier life? Set your own goals, take action, monitor your success, and focus on where you are heading to!

Finally, setting goals enables you to take full control of your life and to start moving in a clear direction, driven by what you really want to achieve.

What is the IMPACT of not setting goals?

A lot of people are just sleep-walking through life without any objectives, just surviving and taking opportunities as and when they show up.

Imagine a football pitch: there are 22 players on the pitch and 60,000 supporters. If you think about it, the supporters pay to come and watch their favourite team play but how much control do they have over the result of the match?


They put all their hope, energy, excitement and level of happiness in the hands of their 11 favourite players. They get directly impacted by the results of their team; their team wins: They’re happy! Their team loses: they feel sad and disappointed, with absolutely no control over it.

However, the players are the ones running the show: they train, they have a strategy and each team player has a clear role to play and they share the same CLEAR GOAL: they have to score as many goals as possible in a specific amount of time.

When they fall, they stand back up and try again and again and again until the end of the match.

When they lose the match, they analyse their mistakes, review their technique, and focus specifically on their weaknesses in order to win the next match.

So, the question to YOU is:

Are you on the pitch or off the pitch?

Are you taking life as it comes or are you creating and designing it?

If you don’t have a goal, it’s very simple, the people around you will have goals for you: At a younger age, your parents will have a good idea about what career you should pursue, your boss will ask you to meet specific objectives, your partner, your parents, your kids will all have needs that you will need to meet.


Do you really want to wake up at 70 years old looking back on your life and realising that you have been living everyone else’s life?

How to define your goals?

Vision Board:

This is very effective for “visual” people: Buy a board and put anything that inspire you on it: It can be people that you like, places that inspire you, jobs or activities you enjoy doing, objects, landscapes, type of houses, lifestyle etc. the list is endless but this board is yours and it can be a great starting point for you to see what you might want to focus on.

Ask yourself this question: If I was going to die in 2 years’ time:

  • Who would I want to BE?

  • What would I like to DO?

  • What would I like to HAVE?

Write this list with no limit, no restrictions, that should get you moving!

A Goal is nothing more than a Dream with a date!

Zig Ziglar said "You need a plan to build a house. To build a life, it is even more important to have a plan or a goal”.

Happy goal setting!


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