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What is it like to actually take the leap of faith?

I have done it.

After 17 years in London, I quit my job, I left the city, the life and the people that I loved and I went back to France, my homeland.

It all started back in June 2015 when, at the age of 37, I decided to start my studies again and engaged in 2 diplomas: life coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming; I graduated from both subjects a year later.

In September 16, I officially launched my coaching company Yukan Ltd and decided to decrease my full-time job to 4 days a week (why on earth did I not do that WHILE I was studying?) This is the first take away from this article: If you ever decide to change career, start studying again or create your own business, do yourself a favour and create extra time because you will soon realise that 24h in a day is way too short!

A few months ago, as the business was picking up, I gave my resignation. I finally decided to quit my job, leave London and return to France, so that I could take time out and develop my business.

It’s been 10 days since I been back “home”.

Has it been an easy decision?

No, probably the hardest I ever made.

Has it been easy to say goodbye to my friends, some of them I call family?

Absolutely not.

Has it been easy to leave a city of over 8 million people- where everyone interacts with one another, where anything you might be looking for is right on your doorstep, where life is buzzing day in, day out- to move back to a village of 800 inhabitants, no shops around, not even a boulangerie selling fresh croissants or a corner shop selling baked beans? (no chance of that!)

No, No and No.

Has it been easy to break away from the stable lifestyle and financial security that my job offered and the natural peace of mind that goes with it?

Now, that was scary and, If I’m honest, it still feels is a bit unnerving….

So why did I do it?

It’s simple. Back in 2015, I had a vision, a clear goal: I wanted to become a life coach, help people move forward in their life, work on themselves so that they could live a life of purpose, filled with happiness, free of stress and on their own terms.

I want the same for myself; I am building myself a life where I can help people in different countries, communities and in different languages. (No need to say that my French is a bit rusty!)

This step, which I call my “leap of faith” is just another one in my journey, a step closer to my vision.

It takes time, compromise and courage but as long as you know your “WHY” and where you’re heading, nothing will stop you. Keep checking in with yourself, your vision and your “WHY”.

2 years down the line, my goal remains unchanged, it is stronger than ever and even if today, it feels like the biggest challenge ever, I am glad that I took the jump, I know the universe is supporting me, my choice and my vision.

If you have a dream or a goal, keep moving towards it; don’t let obstacles, feelings and beliefs stop you from achieving your purpose. Your soul will thank you for it.

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