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Goodbye 2017

Goodbye 2017, Au revoir, ciao, and see you never! I don’t know about you, but for me, what a year it’s been!

On December 31st, after a few glasses of champagne, we all say, "Oh I feel this year is going to be a good one" but for me, in this January 1st, 2017, I could already feel that that there will be small mountain to climb ... I was not mistaken (except perhaps on the size of the mountain!).

In February 17, I decided to have my own "Brexit" and to relocate to France after 18 years in London. So, I resigned from my position in March, determined to finally devote myself to my coaching business and I finally left London in July ... But it was in March that my health problems started in my lower back : first I had a lumbago, then two hernias, then sciatica, scoliosis, a real descent into hell ... why, you ask?

I still hear my friends say "ah you have had it up to here, that's why!” No, not really, I'm rather pleased with my new life to come ...

This is simply because even though my choice to relocate to France and my future projects were clear, my insecurities, my fears of the future, which were buried deep inside me (or in my spine) have resurfaced very quickly ... so consciously, I didn’t doubt my choices but subconsciously my doubts came rushing back. Brutally, they manifested themselves physically ... 1 year ago, I never thought my body could manifest itself so violently. Today, I know that the combination of the choices I made and my deep insecurities have been the causes of these health problems ... so I am responsible for all this (I never would have admitted that some time ago but you have to face the obvious, the body and the mind are linked, one speaks to the other and vice versa; refusing to accept that simple fact is burying your head in the sand). However, when these ailments become chronic, when the pain invades and paralyzes you and the causes are not detected, let alone the solutions, what should we do?

We increase the pain killers, the anti-inflammatory and we give up? Well, for me, this was out of question, I wanted to heal desperately and fight! I had a business to run and there was no way I could run it from my bed! I then decided to go deep within myself, to work on myself, on my past, my present, my future, my environment, my values, my choices and my projects and uncover my "programs" deeply anchored since generations;

After months of inner work and reflection, and learning a technique called “experiential healing”, I finally discovered the causes of my problems, (layers of programs/ beliefs stopping me from moving forward). I finally perceived an improvement and a light at the end of the tunnel. 2017 has been the year that made me take my first steps towards "spiritual healing”which is based on an understanding of the human being as a body and Soul, Higher Self or Vital Energy; it allows us to question our energy and to search deep within ourselves for the reasons of our troubles, problems, worries, emotions or stress and to recognize them, to accept them to finally let them go.

This technique has opened my eyes to a different world and I am lucky to now be able to practice it on others because I don’t wish for any of you to experience a year like I did. It is with all my heart that I wish you a beautiful, happy year and a sparkling physical and mental health.

Happy new year my friends!

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