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Do you let the weather affect your mood?

After years living in London, you no longer let the weather impact you.


Simply because the grey, low sky and rain are the norm. That’s why when the sunshine finally breaks through along with the blue sky and scorching temperatures, everyone feels absolutely amazing and happier! It’s like a rebirth after months of darkness!

This is very interesting because since I moved to the south of France in February, it has been raining…A LOT. However, this feels different, even when it rains (it is raining right now and it feels like thunderstorms are coming closer and closer), the sky remains quite high, the light is bright and you can always see a bit of blue sky every day. The rain doesn’t last long and a few hours later, we are back to the Provence’s norm: sunshine!

However, local people feel differently; I have spoken to a few people in the last few weeks, mainly shop owners as I was running my errands and to them, this rain has a tough impact on them. The rain really affects them, they retrieve, don’t go out and start feeling depressed.

I noticed it when I run workshops on a rainy day, numbers cut down by half.

So, how about you?

Do you let the weather affect you?

How do you feel when the weather turns grey?

What tool do you use to turn your mood around and make yourself feel good no matter how rainy or dark it is outside?

Don’t get me wrong, I know the effect the lack of light and constant humidity have on your body and mind, that’s one of the main reason I left!

However, I never let it affect me;that never stopped from going out, socialising, going to the gym or running my errands.

When your alarm goes off, you are still under your duvet, listening to the pouring rain, the only thing you might be feeling is making a nice cup of coffee and go back to bed for the rest of the day; If you ever feel this way, here is what you need to do:

  • Set the intention to have a great and fabulous day, no matter what the sky chooses to deliver on the day.

  • Decide that the weather is not going to control your mood, your thought and your energy. You have to take control of your state!

  • Get up, stand in front of the mirror, set your intention, (Decide how you want to feel and say it to yourself with energy!)

  • Smile and Go!

On that note, I’d better take my laundry back in😉

Have a great and sunny day (if not outside, in your heart)!

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