I felt lost, like a bird suddenly not being able to fly any longer. I wanted to do something but I didn’t know where, what and how to start. Manu was able to understand I was in real need of immediate help. Manu made me realise that the change had to start from me. Manu guided me step by step with great inspiration and many encouragements during the cleansing process. It has been the hardest emotional experience I ever had in my life, after my dad past away. It was all worthy: I did my first step and the domino effect started into my life. I still cannot believe that my life has changed so much and this is thanks to a very special and unique person: Manu.

Working with manu changed my life for the better. This sounds like a big statement but it did. Manu was very professional, trustworthy, respectful and created an environment which was very liberating. I tried different self-development techniques in the past, but this could not compare to the sessions and Manu’s guidance, which changed my life on a daily basis.

Life can be consuming and overwhelming; as a matter of fact, it is one’s choice to feel this way. This is one of the many things I learned from working with Emmanuelle. We all ‘have a choice’ and ‘cycles can be broken’. Emmanuelle is not just a highly skilled and knowledgeable individual, but she is able to personalise the sessions to a degree that the ‘truth hits home’.  It never is easy admitting to be needing someone else’s support; I was lucky enough to find Emmanuelle and can only recommend her to anyone else ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and acknowledgment.

These sessions have made me aware of how to approach the obstacles and challenges I may face when setting my goals. It highlighted to me the benefit of breaking each step down. Manu made the sessions about me and my challenges, but helped me understand how to view them from a different angle. A beneficial time spent. Manu is a coach I would recommend time and time again. Thank You.

Emmanuelle’s coaching sessions gave a huge boost to my personal life. Her positive energy and her questions effectively guided me to finally get started on some personal projects close to my heart. Emmanuelle’s coaching helped me overcome my fears, my limited beliefs and my lack of self esteem. I really enjoyed the process and how her good questions made me come up with actions I’d never have thought possible! I would definitely recommend Emmanuelle to friends looking for a coach.

Manu has been mentoring me for a year and, as a second year student, attempting to achieve personal and professional goals on top of completing my academic studies became very overwhelming and stressful. Manu was an amazing source of advice and support for me during this time, she not only helped me to achieve my main goal of obtaining a placement year, but she boosted my overall confidence and drive towards accomplishing my ambitions.

Thanks to her perseverance and sense of tactfulness, Manu helped me to dig deeper into my mind so that I could find the solutions that I couldn’t find on my own. Looking at things from different angles helped me to move forward on my tasks, plan my actions better in order to meet my objectives, and even create some new ones!

The coaching process has been invaluable to help me define and build up my business startup. Emmanuelle has also provided me with a great psychological support. I managed to stay positive despite the obstacles met along the way. I am very pleased with the results of our collaboration, so much so that I have signed up for another coaching package!

Manu detected my fears which were holding me back and stopped me from achieving my goals, it enabled me to work on that and I’ve managed to reach most of my goals. When I failed, it was not a failure but a way to learn and grow…she teaches that! Thank you Manu for all your empathy, your professionalism and your listening. You are a great coach.

During the last few months, Manu has guided and helped me on my professional project. As it happened, we touched on different subjects such as relationships, desires and motivations, it was beautiful. At times, I found the process surprising, delicate and sensitive but great moments of exchange. Thank you Manu for this discovery.

Emmanuelle opens a professional, safe, respectful and trusting space. I have felt Emmanuelle present and supportive, always believing that I can. She has a gentle, firm and 3D approach to what we encounter, and patience and softness to challenge me to look into the less comfortable aspects of the story or reality, only to help me become aware and get more strengths and successful strategies up my sleeve. I am warmly recommending Emmanuelle as an excellent coach, committed to the client's success and wellbeing.

Emmanuelle has added great value to my personal development. She offered me great support during a key moment in my life, she has helped me to stay focussed on my goals, to break my final limited beliefs by using extremely simple and efficient techniques. Emmanuelle has shown great integrity, she is pragmatic and very flexible.

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